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Muscle Add Extreme DAA


3200 Ml

30 Servings

About this product

Muscle Add Xtreme Daa is made from a non-essential amino acid that is produced naturally in the body.

Product description

Muscle Add Xtreme Daa is made of aspartic acid, an amino acid that athletes of all different sports and non-athletes used .

Aspartic acid is produced inside the body, where it plays a role in making and secreting hormones in the body.

Each scoop of Muscle Ad Xtreme Daa contains 3.2 gm of D-Aspartic Acid.

Directions of use

Mix one scoop of Muscle Add Xtreme Daa with 150-200ml of your favorite beverage (water or juice) and use it between meals, before bed, and before workouts.


Aspartic acid has an essential role in the secretion of the male hormone in the body and thus increases fertility in men, plays a crucial role in building and maintaining muscles, enhances sexual desire, and increases energy and intensity of exercise.

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