Disclaimer : For your health All supplements are not for use under 18 years or in case of chronic diseases

Muscle Add Extreem Citruline – 3000 Ml – 30 Serv.


Xtreme Citrulline is 100% consists of L-Citrulline in its purest way to improve your athletic performance, reduce body fatigue and soreness, and enhance blood flow in your muscles.

Product Description

Xtreme Citrulline will help you achieve your athletic goals if you’re actively training and seeking better performance. Citrulline will help you increase the nitric acid (NO+) levels in your body which is very important in expanding your arteries to improve the blood flow giving your muscles the needed nutrients.

Directions Of Use

Mix one scoop of Xtreme Citrulline with 150-200 ml of water or your favorite juice or beverage to consume before training.

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